You know it’s time for spring when…

This past weekend I was up in bear valley at a friend’s cabin. We were there with his dogs and my dog to enjoy the snow and the mountains. A few days of R&R.

Whenever we go there we go cross country skiing with the dogs in the backcountry area.

My wife and I don’t own skiis so we had to rent some from the very friendly ski rental area.

While we were returning our stuff, we started to chat with the employees. I remarked that in spite of the excellent ski conditions no one was there. To which the male employee replied that it’s April and in the Bay Area if it’s April the locals don’t ski.

I was about to start laughing, when he then proceeded to complain about the snow. That there had been so much snow that he had been skiing on nothing but powder for months on end. That he and his budies were looking forward to some icy hard pack or spring conditions.

So there you have it, you know it’s time for spring when the ski bums are desperate for the snow to stop falling.

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