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No disintegrations!


Just finished my latest Lego Time Lapse.

Here we have the Imperial Super Star Destroyer Executor:


And here we have a picture from the inside of the ship taken by a Bothan spy.


Lord Vader has just finished reminding the bounty hunting scum that there will be no disintegration of Han. Sadly bobba fett, is no where to be seen…

And here is the time lapse video:

An apology to every Indian I ever asked for an Indian Restaurant

Ever since I came back from Bangalore, I have been on endless quest for a good Indian restaurant.

Over the years, I would ask my Indian friends: What’s a good Indian restaurant?

And they’d look at me funny, as if I had asked the most absurd question on the face of the Earth.

And I had been.

Because, asking for the best Indian restaurant is like asking for the Best European restaurant? Turns out that there are restaurants out there that are – yes – European restaurants. And as a European that makes about as much sense as an American restaurant does …

The best depends on what you want to eat, and more particularly what dish you want to eat and what atmosphere you want etc.

And for years, I had this fantasy that I would just walk into restaurant Foo and finally the food across all dishes would be awesome.

And today, I finally grew up. Turns out that my favorite Kabab place has terrible curries. And my favorite Curry place has terrible Kabab’s. And then neither have them have good Chicken 65, I have to go a third place – but be careful their Kabobs and Curry’s aren’t that great – so you have to be very careful with what you pick.

I’m thinking there are five levels of learning a cuisine:

  1. Good vs Bad – You’d be amazed at how few of us ever get out of that space. Most of my friends who eat Greek food in the bay area are trapped here…
  2. Recognizing gross differences (veg vs non-veg, curry vs kabab) heck – even recognizing that there are differences and different restaurants have different things they are good at is a big first step.
  3. Realizing that there are particular regional cuisines
  4. Picking a restaurant because it has a good dish.
  5. Never eating out because the food is terrible and only eating at home or at a friend’s house…

Right now, I’ve definitely graduated into level 2.


Nicholas Blows up the Death Star

I recently introduce my son to Star Wars with an action sequence from Return of the Jedi:

He liked it so much that I got him some of the mini LEGO starships…

He’s been very politely asking that I rebuild my Death Star LEGO. Since I was taking too long to comply he built his own out of magnetic building blocks.

And this morning he re-enacted the trench run when Lando blows up the Death Star.

Here he is showing us how Lando goes into the Death Star after Han disables the forcefield

And here is the Millenium Falcon escaping from the Death Star and it exploding …

May the Force be with him … Always


My heart runs cold, my favorite game is pixelated

I just finished installing X-Wing.

In my head, I remembered the amazing 3D graphics as the X-wing moved through space.

In my head, there were no pixels, or aliasing artifacts … Everything was amazingly smooth and pretty.

Pity I installed the game.

Because – the graphics are dated and old.

Although the rush of flying an X-wing never, ever, ever gets old.

So like the song says:

A part of me has just been wrecked
The pages from my mind are stripped
Oh no, I can’t deny it
Oh yeah, I guess I got to PLAY it