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When we planted our grape vines (thompson seedless and muscat), we were told that unless we lovingly trim the vines we would be lucky if we got any grapes.

I sneer on those predictions.

This represents, at best, a fifth of the total grapes our two measly vines produced.

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I loved this and so I wanted a copy on my blog…

Since we are a little thin on “new” news stories for today, I offer you this little rant by Habs fan Doug, who posted this beauty at Habs Inside Out and Four Habs Fans this past week.
Doug introduces this work of art like this: . “Here’s my post that covers the manic-depressive plight of the typical Habs fan (and the media). Use the first entry in parentheses when times are good and mania sets in, use the latter when there’s a minor slump and it’s time for histrionics.”
“It [is a good time/SUCKS] to be a Habs fan this year.
After years of frustration [we’re finally back on top!!!/WHEN THE HELL IS THIS ORGANIZATION GOING TO GET IT?]
We’ve got [the top power play/A CRAP PK UNIT] which [reminds me of the 70’s/IS EMBARRASSING WHEN OUR COACHES ARE CARBO, JARVIS, AND MULLER].
Carbonneau has [to be considered for the Jack Adams award/ LOST THE ROOM AND HAS TO GO], Koivu [is showing the leadership he’s shown on the international stage/ IS PISSING ME OFF WITH THE OFFENSIVE ZONE PENALTIES], Higgins [is a future captain and is returing to form/ SHOULD HAVE GONE IN THE HOSSA DEAL], and as far as Price goes, [that was a brilliant move by Gainey to move Huet and tell him this is his team / HE WAS TOO YOUNG AND GAINEY GAMBLED WHEN HE DIDN’T NEED TO.]
The fact that TSN rumors that Gainey’s being looked at for the Toronto GM job [is typical of the Toronto Sports Network – give me a break!/ IS AT LEAST SOME GOOD NEWS – MOVE THE BUM!]The way things are going [we have to be favorites for a Cup run/ IT LOOKS LIKE THE CENTENNIAL SEASON IS GOING TO BE YET ANOTHER EMBARRASSMENT.]
It’s time to [get those champagne bottles chilled/ ADMIT THAT WE NEED VETERAN LEADERSHIP AND TRADE THESE OVERRATED KIDS].
Why would I say that? Because [Kovalev is playing like a man posessed, we have the best prospects of any team/ PLAYOFF EXPERIENCE IS WHAT YOU NEED TO WIN IN THIS LEAGUE], and Price [is God/IS NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME].
Seriously, that guy [has ice for veins/ IS SO FRIGGING OVERRATED] and I’d recommend [signing him long-term now/ TAKING A CLOSER LOOK AT HALAK AND LOOKING FOR A VETERAN].I’m just so [thrilled/PISSED] today and for the first time in a long time, and I say this hesitantly, [i’m a real believer that the Habs can make a run for the Cup this year/ I AM THINKING THAT MAYBE I NEED TO FIND ANOTHER HOBBY.]
The Dynasty Habs are [back/GONE FOREVER] and it [just feels so good!/ IS TIME FOR ME TO REALIZE THAT.]
[go habs go! i believe!!/ FUCK!!!!]
Now every Habs fan surely knows at least one fan like this!

The Perfect Rib-Eye

How to make a perfect rib-eye.

First buy a large, 6-8 inch thick, piece of rib-eye meat. You can find this at Costco.

Second cut into three or four 2 inch thick slabs.

Third marinate for at least 24 hours, better 48 hours in Soy-Vay terriaki sauce.


When you cook the meat using a Weber, make the heat very hot intense on half of the grill. I fill half of the Weber to 2/3 of the way to the top, and then have the other half have no charcoal.

Place meat on cold side.

Cook for 30 minutes. Every ten minutes, flip the steak.

After thirty minutes, remove steak from fire. Put steak on a plate, measure temperature.

If the temperature is ~120 farenheit, put back for a 3-4 more minutes.

If it’s below 120 put for another 7-8 minutes.

After 3-4 minutes, remove and re-probe. If it’s 125 or over you’re done.

Let sit for 5-10 minutes. During that time the steak will cook a few more degrees.

Slice into pieces and eat.

symbian stuff

installing unsigned software on s60 3

  1. point your device to the “Application Manager” and open it
  2. click the left soft key to open the options menu
  3. from the list choose the point “Settings”
  4. switch the option “Software Installation” to “All”
  5. switch the option “Online certif. check” to “Off”

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And how to truly get around the systems

Run Y-xplore.
Go to C: Try to access c:sys . . . It should do nothing.
DO NOT CLOSE Y-explore.
Run HelloCarbide press Options: Menu1: you will see ‘Done…probably’, Click Yes and then it will crash.
Switch to Y-explore.
Try again to access c:sys
It should work.
Now copy installserver.exe to c:sys/bin/
You need to restart your phone.
Now you can install any ‘Unsigned’ app without signing.
If you want continued access to hidden folders then install Modo.sis.
Do the hack, again.
Use X-plore to open then extract Sys folder to c:
When asked to overwrite click yes.
Reboot phone.
Now you can use Modo from Leftup folder in menu to view hidden folders.