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Cheese Review: Ballston Blue


Possibly the best blue cheese I have ever eaten in my life. As pungent as the real thing, Roquefort, and less creamy than the best creamy blue cheese I have had the Point Reyes Blue, this is the first blue cheese I could not stop eating…

Cow cheese for those who care.


Blurry cheese reviews




I am a lousy photographer. This is why my wife takes all the pictures in our household. I mean, seriously, I can’t even take a picture of cheese! Apologies on the blur.

Here are the cheeses.

The first picture is a Taleggio from Italy. At the far edge of casual cheese eating… And at the far edge of serious cheese eating.

The next picture is the two casual cheeses of the month. The blurry green and white one is Hoja Santa – a Texan goat cheese. This may be the only thing that I like that has come out of Texas in a long while. The other cheese is Cheddar. But not just any cheddar this is an Artisanal Grand Cru Vermont Cheddar. This cheese borders on serious cheese eater cheese because of the complexity of the flavours… I kind of view Cheddar as merlot when it comes to serious cheese.

And finally the serious cheese eaters cheese, the sock cheese of the month, is the the blue cheese wrapped in tin foil Fourme D’Ambert. This is a cow’s milk cheese from Auvergne.