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We will Beat LA!

Nicholas three years ago came to the first game of the playoffs between the Sharks and LA and we got a picture next to the Zamboni.


That picture is our good luck charm. We beat LA that year with that improbable 6-5 game known as the Fiasco on Figueroa

After last year’s defeat, it was time to go deep into the tank of good luck charms. So I lost weight, and we got another picture of Nicholas and the Zamboni…

vs Kings Game 1_041714_G3995_0365

the king was dunked


We went to the rally before game 1 of the Sharks – King series.

At the rally Nicholas saw this guy who was wearing a Kings jersey that was being dunked into a pool of water. He was super excited and wanted to try. So they let him throw the ball at the guy. The guy was super cool and fell in when the ball kinda sorta landed near the target.

He was sooooo happy bouncing around screaming: I did it! I did it!