Monthly Archives: August 2007

Heinz had better watch out.

My wife decided to go all out this year with her tomatoes.

She got several varieties.

She prepared the soil with chicken manure (yes chicken shit).

She watered.

She tended.

And before you knew it we had more tomatoes than we could feed three distinct armies with. And we tried. We took several baskets of tomatoes to work. We invited friends over to pick tomatoes. When people would show up we would give them tomatoes. But the never ending supply was truly never ending.

With the tomatoes in danger of rotting, my wife seized on the brilliant idea of turning them into ketchup. 

First we had to go pluck the tomatoes.

Then there was the slicing and dicing. Followed by the simmering.


Then she had to pack them up for the winter.

And finally we could eat. 

And yes, that’s two hamburger paties with fries. After all what goes better with ketchup than the perfect ketchup delivery vehicle known as the french fry!