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Learning cricket

My kid asked me today:

Dad can you tell me the rules of cricket?

I’m from Canada and Greece. I don’t do cricket and I barely do baseball.

And I was like huh?

But I am in Sunnyvale. Home of the nationally ranked Sunnyvale Cricket Club. 

And so … We went to Stan’s Donuts and watched the highlights of some India-Pakistan World Cup game. 

And here he is learning the game from a YouTube video. 

Because YouTube has cricket videos and several million other clips.

First playoff game, overtime and loss

First picture with our ticket and stuffy!

Here we are in the Shark’s mouth:

We used to do a picture of the two of us in the Zamboni, no Zamboni, no win but the two of us:

Here Nick’s taking a shot. He scored more often than the Sharks did who lost 2-1 in overtime on a broken play:

Our wonderful friend Robin brought cookies as a good luck charm. Robin keep bringing the cookies. Because we loved them…

Here’s the pair of us in the tank before the game:

And here’s the pair of us into overtime. I am looking like shit – and nicholas is looking happy and refreshed. Getting old, old man.

Playing D&D

When I was a kid about Nicholas’ age I played my first bit of dungeons and dragons.

And so after getting him hooked on balder’s gate we played the real thing.

IMG_3274 IMG_3275 IMG_3276 IMG_3277 IMG_3278 IMG_3279

Here we are learning about various monsters.


Goblins and dragons and gnolls, oh my!


Asha Stanford Holi

Chaos from afar …

Before …

Initial contact with color

Dad and son chillaxing

An obligatory selfie …

Danced to Bollywood songs and now relaxing on the grass …

Going home …

Last selfie of the day