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So much food to be thankful for



turkey and the all important corn bread…


Jane’s amazing soup, stuffing made two ways, and mashed potatoes…

Followed by


The jello fish, homemade apple pie and the all important and awe inspiring from scratch pumpkin pie…

Here’s the food on my plate


Certainly this can not be too good for me… And somewhere I think a deadly sin is being transgressed..

The software wasn’t ready to scale and perform on time.

One of the hardest things to do is launch a new piece of software at scale. What will and will not work is not obvious. And many times what seems reasonable turns out to be horribly wrong and what seemed horribly wrong saves your skin. And you never have the people or the resources necessary to pull it off.

If it’s a high risk bet, then there are factions within your company that want  you to fail. They undermine your product, they don’t give you the people you need and when it finally launches they latch on any piece of data to prove how wrong your product is.

No I wasn’t talking about any of my former employers I was talking about

The absurdity of the response to the website woes is absurd. Of course it had problems. They were trying to put together a very large b-to-c exchange for a large segment of the population. And guess what there were bugs and scaling problems.

Really. Amazing how that happens. Shocking even. Unheard of. Because every commercial product launched at scale launches without a hitch. Promise!

The only thing that this serves to remind me of is how much I find the whole political process to be annoying and frustrating.