Monthly Archives: January 2014


Business Insider, one of my favorite new sites, and one of the most progressive and forward thinking news sites that I tolerate, ran an article on the missing gender in CS.

The article was about how in many states not a single woman has taken an AP course in CS.

That’s sad.

And at the end of their article I clipped this snippet:



In an article about women in CS, we end the article with a link to a Victoria Secret model who codes.


That’s not a bike, this is a bike.

One of my favorite scenes in film is the scene where Crocodile Dundee says: That’s not a knife, this is a knife.

Today I got to ride what is a unique bicycle made a coworker of mine built.



And all I could think of was Crocodile Dundee … and Ewok’s on Endor.

My coworker graciously let me ride the bike. Here’s the awesome video:

You’ll have to tilt your head a little bit. Hopefully you’ll get a feel for the sense of pure joy at the experience.