We didn’t touch the Clarence Campbell trophy

Last year, the Sharks sales office got a piece of my mind. When the online marketplaces undersold our tickets, we felt like fools for being season ticket holders. I let them know that it was their job to make us feel appreciated with special events.

The Sharks introduced a new season ticket system called 360 Sharks. And they promised special, only season ticket holder events. And they delivered one I truly appreciated.


Nicholas and I are standing in front of the Clarence Campbell trophy. Notice, we have no hands near the trophy.

The trophy was on display in the Barracuda’s┬ádressing room. A room that was secure and ds a result we were not allowed to take our pictures.

Here are a few pictures of the lines into the trophy room.

IMG_0811 IMG_0812

And here’s the coolest picture of all, Nicholas staring at the picture because I suppose he recognizes how awesome it is for the Sharks to have made it to the finals?


I don’t know; I’d like to imagine he knows how special this moment is.

At the opera

My amazing wife got me tickets this close to the opera. Carmen is – as always – amazing. The version I remember from elementary school was vastly more g rated than today’s R rated performance …




The decision to set the opera in Franco’s Spain and amp up the sexuality works surprisingly well.

My sister who is an opera singer and who loves this role has her birthday today! A curious way for me to celebrate her birthday … Attending a performance of Carmen …

As for the sour face, it’s because I felt weird taking a selfie this close to the stage …


Learning cricket

My kid asked me today:

Dad can you tell me the rules of cricket?

I’m from Canada and Greece. I don’t do cricket and I barely do baseball.

And I was like huh?

But I am in Sunnyvale. Home of the nationally ranked Sunnyvale Cricket Club. 

And so … We went to Stan’s Donuts and watched the highlights of some India-Pakistan World Cup game. 

And here he is learning the game from a YouTube video. 

Because YouTube has cricket videos and several million other clips.

First playoff game, overtime and loss

First picture with our ticket and stuffy!

Here we are in the Shark’s mouth:

We used to do a picture of the two of us in the Zamboni, no Zamboni, no win but the two of us:

Here Nick’s taking a shot. He scored more often than the Sharks did who lost 2-1 in overtime on a broken play:

Our wonderful friend Robin brought cookies as a good luck charm. Robin keep bringing the cookies. Because we loved them…

Here’s the pair of us in the tank before the game:

And here’s the pair of us into overtime. I am looking like shit – and nicholas is looking happy and refreshed. Getting old, old man.