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Delfini Tavern, Plaka Crete

After our taking many, many pretty photos, swimming it was time to eat. So we decided to go to a restaurant recommend by the Rough Guide Crete called Delfini Tavern.

Crete 14-04-08 143

This was a classic Greek fish taverna, whose tables were right next to the sea.

Crete 14-04-08 177 Crete 14-04-08 184

The owners had a menu with a laundry list of useless food items. The right way to order was to ask the waitress what kind of fresh fish was available. You then picked the kind and quantity (500 grams, 750 grams, 1kg), the method of cooking and then she brought them to you. You can also order some appetizers. The tzatziki was well done with the right amount of garlic. The Greek salad had some amazingly tasty tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Here we see Andrew eating an octopus

Crete 14-04-08 174

and some tzatziki.

Crete 14-04-08 176

We had some amazing fish including my all time favorite Barbounia or Red Mullet.

Crete 14-04-08 187

As you can see very little was left after I finished eating my share of the fish.

After we paid, we got up to leave the table, when the owners came after us saying: But how you can leave without eating some fresh fruit? And boy was the fruit fresh. The oranges were unbelievably tasty!

As we left the restaurant, I noticed that one of the interior walls of taverna were being painted by a local painter. As we left, I took a picture at him working…

Crete 14-04-08 189

Fish Tank

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After almost a year with the same old boring decor, I decided I need to change things up.

So here’s my fish’s new digs.

Notice the faux-ancient monument in the left hand corner and the large object in the right hand corner.

The water is a tad-bit cloudy because I was trying to clean things up and that’s what happens …