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You’re only paranoid if they aren’t spying on you

While I was in Colorado, I couldn’t help but take pictures of me next to marijuana stores:


I don’t smoke. Never have. Never really had an interest to. And so the fact that I am having pictures taken of me next to pot is amusing to me. It’s a little bit of naughtiness for a guy that tries to be straight and narrow.

And I am happy that we are legalizing pot, because I do think it’s mostly harmless.

As we were leaving Colorado, I posted on this blog  a picture of the special dumpster for pot. The dumpster had a special sign reminding folks that whereas pot is legal in Colorado, other states are significantly less enlightened.

This was all part of the funny theme that I don’t do pot and pretending I do pot.

And that’s when things got weird. 1 hour after I take my picture, as I am going through security, I get flagged for special attention. Then my boots get flagged. Then I am getting a pat down from a dude that is exploring parts of me that I don’t want ugly dudes exploring. I mean if you are going to get a pat down, it should be an attractive dude doing the pat-down, right?

My current favorite TV show is Person of Interest. Person of Interest is about an AI that sees everything, makes inferences and makes decisions to protect us … And this whole sequence may have been a coincidence or not. Maybe my first blog post signals the Machine that I need to monitored, and then my second pushes the Machine to tell Homeland Security to really pat me down because I went from a possible to probable bad guy.

I’m not paranoid, really. Except this was too freaky.