This is how the EU ends – with an end to Schengen

The importance of this moment  can not be lost. The closing of the borders between Austria and Germany is an affront to European Unity and the principle of the free movement of labor.

I understand why Germany is doing what they are doing, and I do not begrudge them their determination to secure their borders, and I appreciate their honesty … And I applaud their willingness to take on so many refugees. And they are to be commended and blessed and still this is a worrisome precedent.

What is being attacked through their actions is the EU notion that there are no German or Austrian borders only European. With the re-introduction of border controls, Germany is creating a dangerous precedent. If a calamity in the south of Europe emerges, will they close their borders again?

The unwillingness to internationalize the debt and the complete lack of a European response to the humanitarian crisis in Syria demonstrates is very concerning for the future of the world.

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