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Merry Christmas

Nicholas woke up this morning and ran to the tree to see if Santa Claus had come to town!
And he had so he started to rip open his gifts:


And after he was done he stood in a pile of paper content


Here we have the AT-AT Walker fully assembled. Dad puts them together and Nicholas plays with them


Later on for dinner we had a low key affair with Marcin and Nika and their son


Dave and Dimitris were also there


Natasha’s prime rib made its appearance


And a full complement of dishes to fill us all up :


Finished with tasty treats that included our Gingerbread House


And fine wine


The changing style of Silicon Valley

line of ants

In the 2007 song by the Richter Scales that tried to capture the zeitgeist of the bubble era, the uniform of the techie was blue shirts and khaki pants. I had 5 or 6 pairs of Khaki pants and 3-5 different blue shirts.

Thanks to Mr. Zuckerberg, the new uniform of the bay area is jeans, hoodie and button down shirt.

As someone who hated the blue shirt, and loves the hoodie … Mr. Zuckerberg I thank you!

The hoodie has become such a fashion statement that fashion designers have taken on making it look better.

For an interesting take on the recent history of the hoodie check this blog post out.