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Peet’s Coffee: Sumatra

A very smooth coffee, not very acidic with little bitterness. It has a slight chocolaty aftertaste.

The coffee when it enters your mouth creates an intense flavouring in the center of the tongue that then calmly dissipates. After the dissipation, the mouth feels empty. This suggests that the coffee is memorable.

Sumatra is not as strong as Kenyan but is very similar in taste. Stronger than Guatemalan, and less bitter than Major Dickinson.

Peet’s Coffee: 40 year anniversary blend

Peet’s 40 year anniersary blend is unfortunately, not memorable.

The blend is modestly bitter, with a slight nutty taste and a modest body. The coffee attempts to be inoffensive, but offends with it’s lack of punch.

For those who favour a smooth light coffee with no aftertaste, this coffee may be more appropriate.

However, there is something particularly disatisfying about a coffee whose taste is gone from your memory only seconds after it swishes down your throat…

Peet’s Coffee: Top Blend

In my ongoing trip through the world of Coffee, this month Peet’s sent me Top Blend. This coffee is somewhat bitter and full bodied. However, it lacks the breadth of taste that I associated with the Kenyan blend or the kick that I associate with Major Dickenson’s blend. This is a simpler less complex coffee that should satisfy many people.

Personally I still feel the kenyan blend was the best.

Peet’s Coffee: Kenya

Month 2 of my 12 month coffee tour of the globe.

In this month, Peet’s Coffee has decided to ship a Kenyan coffee. Kenyan black coffee is what coffee is supposed to taste like.

It has a strong smell, no lingering aftertaste once it’s imbibed, not too bitter or acidic. Just right.

The colour of the grounds and the coffee is very dark.

When talking about tastes, it’s important to compare it to other coffees. This coffee has more body than the guantemalan coffee that was sent last month, more flavor, but still as smooth. This version of Kenyan coffee is more full bodied than the Black Apron blend that Starbucks had on sale, Kenya Kirinyaga, but still not quite as good. There is a certain amount of roughness in the taste of the Peet’s Coffee blend that the Kirinyaga blend simply did not have.

My wife continues to be the greatest wife ever by indulging me in this obsession.