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After 8+ years on Yahoo!’s hosting site, I moved. No longer …  I am …

Was it the crappy interface, the poor customer service, the lack of tools, or the price?


None of the above.

Database errors. I started getting database connection errors when I tried to access my blog.

Doesn’t really inspire confidence that they know what they are doing there…

I’ll eventually move the domain to hostgator and I’ll recreate the URL… but good bye Yahoo!…

You will not be missed or even pissed.

I hate search engines

One of the more, most?, irritating aspects of today’s search engines is that for all of their bullshit about "content neutrality", they obviously prefer to redirect you to their sites.

So look for an image on Yahoo and you get a whole bunch of flickr pages.

Look for the same image on Google, and flickr doesn’t even exist.

Don’t believe me? Look at a search in yahoo images for Tony


And what happens when I look for Tony on Google images?


No flickr!

A pox on both of their houses!

Geocities vs Google Pages

After talking about how Google page creator was lame, I decided to try the grand-daddy of this technology: geocities.
Now I am even more disappointed.

Geocities is not half bad. They have a reasonable set of default templates, the ability to host your own domain, and a wizard set up that makes creating a simple web page very very easy.

Check out my geocities page. You’ll notice that there is substantially more content than the Google page. And I spent about the same amount of time on both.