Bernadette remarked that the web site www.LibraryThing.com does in fact allow me to export my data.

Since I can now do that, I think I will actually give the place a whirl.

My first impressions are remarkably positive.

I like the use of tags to organize information, rather than the use of fixed columns.

I like the fact that web site can search through Amazon.com or the Library of Congress to fill in information about books.

For example, I typed in “the echo maker” in the “add books” section of the web site.


And then the web site very quickly gave me the option to select from a set of books that matched “the echo maker”.


I picked the one by Richard Powers, and, just like that, my library know had all of the information about that book.


All it took was 15 key presses and one mouse click!

Update: Feb 17, 2008 because I mistyped the web site.

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