Work is important, but this is the world cup.

Since I work in the USA, where Soccer does not bring the country to a stand still, watching today’s game of Greece vs Cote D’Ivoire was impossible. And because this is the USA, no one knows that the world cup is on.

While Greece was leading 1-0, and about to secure it’s spot in the knockout round for the first time ever, I was super-happy. We’re having a meeting about something very contentious and I have a very happy face.  Then all of a sudden, I look at my phone and slam it down very loudly and curse.  Everyone was taken aback. Worried that something horrible came in email. Given Juniper’s IOP’s you could imagine what they thought.

When I explained that it was Greece getting tied, they were relieved and confused. A few minutes later, a good friend sent me an SMS saying we won, and I was jumping up and down and cheering, this time they weren’t frightened but confused. They were even more confused when I got up, picked up my phone to talk to a buddy about a the game, instead of staying in the contentious meeting.

This reminds me of an IBM ad from the 1990’s, where there is this Italian wedding. The father is visibly unhappy and sad during the wedding. You think he’s really unhappy about who his daughter is getting married to.  And it’s confusing as to what is going on. Then at the very end of the wedding as the married couple drives off, he is visibly happy. We look at his phone, and see that Italy just scored and is up 2-1.

I have been mocking that ad for 20 years. Today I was that ad.



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