We didn’t touch the Clarence Campbell trophy

Last year, the Sharks sales office got a piece of my mind. When the online marketplaces undersold our tickets, we felt like fools for being season ticket holders. I let them know that it was their job to make us feel appreciated with special events.

The Sharks introduced a new season ticket system called 360 Sharks. And they promised special, only season ticket holder events. And they delivered one I truly appreciated.


Nicholas and I are standing in front of the Clarence Campbell trophy. Notice, we have no hands near the trophy.

The trophy was on display in the Barracuda’s dressing room. A room that was secure and ds a result we were not allowed to take our pictures.

Here are a few pictures of the lines into the trophy room.

IMG_0811 IMG_0812

And here’s the coolest picture of all, Nicholas staring at the picture because I suppose he recognizes how awesome it is for the Sharks to have made it to the finals?


I don’t know; I’d like to imagine he knows how special this moment is.

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