twitterblog rides again

After almost a year long hiatus, I got my python program twitterblog to work again.

twitterblog lets me take a twitter time line and directly dump it into my typepad blog.

There were a couple of limitations of the original software, which are now fixed, and on top of which I added a couple of new features.

So the new features are the ability to specify the title from the command line with the –T option and the ability to specify an end time for a time line so you print out the tweets from 4 days ago, and only four days ago using the –e option.

I also fixed a bug related to how tweets that contained non-ascii characters were being treated. Normally twitter returns nothing but text, but if the text contains UTF-8, the rather simplistic parser I had would puke.

Now if I detect an error while parsing, I’ll do something semi-intelligent, but at least no longer crash.

Python continues to impress with it’s syntax and it’s wealth of libraries.

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