Twice must you see Star Wars Episode 7

Yesterday I went to see Star Wars.

And the first time was awesome because my son was there. And at the same time, the experience was horrible because I kept worrying that it would suck. Another Jar Jar Binks would appear on screen, or we would learn of mitichlorines or ….

That somehow, JJ Abrahms would destroy the franchise for the last time.

And through the entire film, I was stressed.

And at the end, there was a relief. The film was fun.

So of course, I went to see it a second time. And the second time was a pleasure. Because of the stress of it sucking had gone.

See this movie.

The first time was at 3:30, the second at 11 in IMAX 3D. The 3D effects were lame, the audio was awesome. Recommend the IMAX version of the film.

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