Too many games, too little time

Recently, my employer, has been launching a lot of games.

And in different genres.

Wanna play a running game, try out Running with Friends.


Wanna go on a long quest to defeat some dark lords, try Battlestone.


And then if you want to engage in groups of battles just wait for Solstice…

And if you need something more sedate, more cerebral but still fun, try War of the Fallen…The first card battler that was simple enough for me to play.

In the past, Zynga released a lot of games in similar genres. Which was great, but it did mean when you wanted to play a different kind of game, you could play someone else’s game…

But no more.

And as someone who likes to stay on top of our games, and the player experience, I am spending too much time playing games…

Well, maybe my life isn’t SOOOO bad….


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