The monster gyros from Archanes

After our walk, Erica and I started to get hungry. My cousin strongly recommended eating anywhere in the village, and so I saw out of the corner of my eye a gyros/souvlakeria and decided we should eat there.


The cook was a matronly woman who was very shy, but agreed to let me take a picture of her doing her cooking.


The proprietor or  local gadfly was very friendly and insisted that I drink the local wine. When I tried to explain to him the nature of drinking and driving, he explained the need to take things slowly. After my lessons yesterday, I agreed and drank.

When the gyros arrived, Erica and I were stunned by the size.

P1000661 P1000662

The top layer pictured to the left was full of french fries. Once you removed the french fries there was a huge amount of mean underneath.


We were both very happy eating this giant gyros.

As we sat and enjoyed the time passing away, a couple of dogs came around, and I suppose because I do miss my dog,  I snapped some photos of the puppies as they lounged in the sun.

P1000658 P1000660 P1000657

At some point an older dog came around, and the puppies tried to assert their dominance.


The older dog on the right let them bug her and then at some point, just gave up and put the two puppies in their place. The yellow puppy ran away. The black/brown puppy was not as easily intimidated. The owner had to come out and chase the posturing dogs away. Posturing dogs are not great for business. Hard to walk through them… 

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