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From heaven to hell in 5 seconds

The Olympic Quarterfinal women’s pursuit between Germany and the US produced the most amazing race.

The German racer, Anna Friesinger-Postma,  bonked, pulled a muscle, who knows, but she was failing with one lap left to go. And then with no gas left in the tank she fell on the ice and hurtled herself towards the finish line.

She falls on the ice and slides into the finish line.

Convinced she had blown it for her team she was on the ice pounding her hand onto the rink in frustration. She didn’t even bother to look at the result, because she knew they had lost. She knew she had failed her team. And the team was also convinced that they had lost.

But no. She had managed to cross the line just before the Americans … And her absolute determination to cross that line at all costs had paid off.

From heaven to hell in 5 seconds.