Robben’s Charge – An hommage to Faulkner

[originally posted on FB after win over Mexico. But because this might be too upsetting for some folks on FB, and they might as a result not see my post, decided to post on my blog]

As a long suffering admirer of Dutch football, this was a fine switch. Not winning a world cup in 1974 because of the Kaiser – no other team could have stopped Total Football, in 1978 because of the incomparable Cruyff’s decision to not play an Argentinian side that would not be denied, in the 1990’s the great Dutch team of Van Basten and Gullit and Rijkard denied by a style of soccer that permitted thuggery, violence and willful attempts to injure great player and last world cup denied by an imbecile of a coach who let the Spaniards dictate play and Robben missing a key goal late in the game.

The penalty was weak, but man this team deserves a little bit of luck.

This being the Dutch, of course, they will lose 2-1 to the Brazilians in the final. Because they have a history of doing that.

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