Ray-Nor Park Neighborhood Association

After 50 years of existence the Ray-Nor Park Neighborhood Association (RPNA) finally has a web site: www.raynorshine.org.

As the first vice-president I am rather excited about this! If you want to learn more about our association you can contact us through our web-site.
The RPNA mission is to:

Our purpose is to further the welfare of residents and property owners within the Ray-Nor Park neighborhood.

For over 50 years, the Association’s efforts have been to bring information on important, pertinent issues to residents of the Ray-Nor Park neighborhood and to foster and preserve a sense of community.

Some of the things the organization does is throw an annual picnic, easter egg hunt, produce a newsletter. We also are a voice for the neighborhood when the city tries to change the character of our neighborhood like they are doing now. We are trying to fight back but we’ll see how things go..

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