let freedom win

over the last two months I have moved away from authoring content in Facebook to using Facebook only for distribution.

This reverses a five year trend.

simply put I post on my blog and then let my blog auto post to fb.

The core reason are

1. facebook surfacing doesn’t work for me. It works well but not perfectly and i have no control over it.

2. I can not trivially search for my own content

3. I can not trivially share my content with non Facebook friends

4. privacy doesn’t work for me on Facebook. I have too many friends and the rules change too fast for me to follow them. I just assume everything is public and don’t stress.

5. it’s hard to extract my content from Facebook.

so what I want now is to author my content on my computer, post it to my blog and have it trivially shared.

The Android cell phone makes this stupid easy because having applications work with each other is easy in the os.. I can take a picture with the camera and share it on my blog which then tweets and pushes to Facebook.

that ease of application sharing is a killer feature.

side note my next personal phone must have that feature.

I hope I am a harbinger not a peculiar fool because content should be free. Free as in liberty not beer.


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