I was one of those old farts

My wife and I went to see, unfortunately, Ender’s Game at the movies. We chose to see it while Nicholas was at daycare during my one month off between jobs.

Turns out that some local Catholic high-school also decided to see the movie as well.

One of the previews of the movie was ‘Grudge Match’.

There are a couple of scenes in that clip that left my wife and me rolling on the floor with laughter. Some of them are homages to Rocky I-VI, some of them are references to what it means to be old and to try and do one last sporting event. By the end of the clip we’re super excited and laughing and having a great time.

And we’re the only people in the movie theater laughing. Every other person is looking at this preview confused. The silence was … well … defeaning. The under 13 set that had come to the movie could not figure out why those two people were laughing so hard…


Getting old.

The under 13 set got their revenge. They found ‘Ender’s Game’ to be far more entertaining than we did. Something about not having teenage angst, I suppose.

I guess we got 2:25 of fun, they got 2 hours…

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