Here’s to Starbucks and Zynga and to many others


supportstarbucks Today is a good day to drink some Starbucks coffee, play a Zynga game, download YMCA from iTunes, post on Facebook, buy a kindle book on Amazon, buy some EMC storage, search on Google about gay rights, tweet your support, and and make a Xerox copy. And you should do all of that, today, in protest against those people who want to boycott any of those companies for having a shred of human decency.

In 1996 I remember the frustration that was felt when Clinton signed DOMA. And I still remember the embarrassment and rage  I felt when California became a scary state (voted in favor of protecting the quality of life of chickens and voting against gay marriage). I also remember my ambivalence in 2004 when Gavin Newsom took a heroic stand in favor of gay marriage. Ambivalent because I was happy that he was doing the right thing, and sad because I knew Karl Rove would use it to great effect against John Kerry.

So here we are in 2013, and perhaps, we have an opportunity to fix something that has been broken for too long.

Regardless of how this goes, I know who our friends are. And it brings me great personal joy to know that Zynga, my employer, joined an amicus brief in support of repeal of DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act).

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