Fuck Landis. Fuck him and The Tour De Tricheurs.

So it turns out that Landis’ miraculous ascent was chemically enhanced.

Was he a fool? A moron? Or both? They had just thrown out the 2005 top finishers from the Tour thanks to the Spanish affair. Did he think he could get away with it? Did he think that they would not test him? Did he think?

And as for phonak… Are we really expected to believe that the team had no idea what was going on? This is the Tour not some amateur race. The atheletes have more doctors and masseurs pampering them than patients in the Intensive Care Ward of hospitals. This is not credible that somehow Landis was able to inject himself with drugs without the team medical staff knowing about it.

So fuck Landis, and the entire sport of professional cycling. The lack of personal integrity on the part of the cyclists is appalling. Perhaps if sponsor’s were criminally liable for the cheating of the athletes we would see this sport clean itself up.

But in the meantime. Fuck Landis, Fuck the Tour, Fuck it all. In one appalling year Landis, Ullrich etc have managed to destroy what Armstrong built in 7 years. Damn them all.

As for me, I’ll stick to basketball, football, and hockey. At least there we do not maintain the pretense that the Athletes are clean. We admit it’s a form of entertainment, where the personal integrity of the players is irrelevant.

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