Eating with My Uncle at Canava Roussos

One of the coolest parts about going to Santorini is eating with my uncle Iannis Roussos at his Canava. P1010634

Iannis, not only is a great story teller, but is also a lover of great food and wine.

Like very few people on the island he is a traditionalist and a lover of what Santorini was as much as what Santorini should be.

Every time I visit the place, I am treated to excellent wine, food and conversation, and this year was no exception.

It all started innocently enough with some crackers,


moved to fruit and coffee


and then we had three kinds of cheeses with my uncle.

P1010605 P1010610

And of course there was the wine.


The greatest part of the experience, however, was when he opened one of his barrels to let us taste some of his 30 year old Visanto.


Here my uncle is pouring some wine into a glass held by his daughter Liouba.

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