Christmas comes to Raynor Park!

Every year the Raynor Park Neighborhood Association invites Santa Claus to tour our neighborhood. This year, as our first vice president, I participated in the whole event. And boy was it a lot of fun.

A whole bunch of us got together to decorate Santa’s sleigh, a 38 year old truck that still has it’s original engine. 




And not only did we decorate Santa’s sleigh. We also decorated some of the lead cars that followed us:


We even got some of his reindeer ready:


Soon enough, however, Santa showed up ready to go. And we all tried to get our pictures taken with him. After all we’re all youngish at heart 🙂


And then the ride around Raynor Park began. IMG_2386


As children saw us they would come out and greet Santa. Santa’s sleigh would stop and the kids both young and old would get their picture taken!


And even the four-legged variety were excited!


Hopefully next year we’ll not only get more kids but we’ll also get more of our neighbors to join in getting Santa’s ride ready.

If you want to reach the Raynor Park Neighborhood Association send an email at admin at

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