Archive, damn you! Archive!

After reading about how the folks in Redmond can not get Outlook .ost files to work if they are greater than 2GB, and recognizing the challenges of not using cached mode, I decided, foolish boy that I am, to archive my email.

So, of course, when I did the archive, I, foolishly assumed that the damnable software would do a "cut-and-paste" not a "copy-and-paste".


It was "copy-and-paste". So after enduring the pain that is the archive process, I must now endure the pain that is the "select-1000’s-of-files" and delete them process. Including the always fun "re-sync-your-local-folder-with-the-exchange-server-spasm".

I am going to go to sleep now.

Maybe if I am lucky I will be able to use my email client tomorrow.

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