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Adventures in MS Access 2007

I have way too many books in my house.

One of the challenges of having too many books, is that sometimes (and with increasingly alarming frequency) I end up buying the same book twice!

So I decided to create a simple database using Access 2007.

Creating the schema was fairly trivial. It consisted of three tables:

Book (BookID, Title)

Authors (AuthorID, FirstName, LastName)

AuthorBookMap (AMID, BookID, AuthorID)

Once I got my tables, I wanted to create, what I thought was a fairly simple data-entry mechanism:Imagine a button: AddNewBook

Which would take me to a wizard:

ask for book title

ask for author (s)

Which would then conclude with the action of

update book and author table and add authorbookmap entry.

Turns out that this simple activity is non trivial, and is turning into an illuminating, and informative experience into the very nature of how MS Apps are put together.

Because, for whatever reason, the company that popularized or pioneered wizards did not think that having wizard creation tools in the most popular database on the planet was a necessity.

I am now struggling to understand how you use VB 6.5 (Visual Basic 6.5) to create a wizard. And I believe it is possible, but the complexity is staggering!